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Public Infrastructure

The physical construction and acceptance of the public utilities to be

dedicated by the City must be accomplished prior to the issuance of Building Permits. During this process, the developer, contractor, and City staff work together to provide a product that is beneficial to all parties, particularly the future property owner.

The first step is to submit detailed Construction Plans of the development for City review and comment. These plans provide a common reference base for all parties during the construction and inspection phase, and ensure that the public improvements will meet minimum city standards. In all instances, the construction plans should address drainage, paving, and utility improvements by employing the minimum requirements.

Once the preliminary plat is approved infrastructure construction may Commence. An inspector will be assigned to the job to ensure that all City codes, policies, and procedures are followed. A warranty period exists from the date of the City acceptance, during which the developer/contractor is responsible for any problems with the infrastructure. This is the formal acceptance of the public infrastructure by the City. As-built drawings must be submitted to the City with the signatures of the Design Engineer.

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