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Platting Process FAQs

The following addresses the most frequently asked questions regarding the platting process:

What is the first step in the platting process?

Prior to any application submittal, it is recommended that the subdivider request a meeting with Planning and Development staff to discuss the procedures, policies, specifications, and standards required by the City. The submission of a sketch plan, or concept plan, can save the subdivider time and expense during the approval process.

When is a Development Concept Plan required?

It is required when large pieces of property are developed in phases, or in areas under common ownership.

Do all plats require P&Z approval?

No, P&Z approval is not necessary for amending minor plats and subdivisions 4 lots or less, and no new streets or public infrastructure is required. These plats are approved in-house by Director of Planning and development.

How do I get a plat prepared?

You will need to enlist the services of a licensed professional surveyor. A licensed professional engineer will also be needed if you have public infrastructure required. You can locate a professional engineer or surveyor by contacting the Texas Society of Professional Engineers or the Texas Surveyor's Association or by looking in your local phone directory. Fifteen (15) blue or black line prints (24" x 36", scale 1" = 100' or equivalent), one (1) reduction (8-1/2" x 11") and a digital copy of the graphics file should be prepared. Other submittal requirements are included in the Appendix of this guide.