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Previous Budgets and Summaries for Fiscal Year 2006-2007

The budget is a plan of action that addresses which resources of the City will be used to accomplish objectives that the City Council believes necessary. In planning the annual budget the City is not only governed by the Truth-in-Taxation guidebooks but also the City Charter. Our City Charter states that the fiscal year shall begin the first day of October and end the last day of September of each calendar year. The fiscal year also constitutes the budget and accounting year.

The proposed budget is formulated with input from each Department Head, the City Manager, the Finance Director, and the City Council.In accordance with the City Charter the proposed budget is presented to the City Council in column format. It is also sent to the Library for public reviewing and is available by request in the Administration Office.

Public hearings are held prior to adopting the budget in order to give an opportunity for citizens to express their ideas and opinions about the budget to their elected officials. Per the City Charter “the budget shall be adopted by the favorable vote of a majority of the members of the whole council”. If the budget is not adopted before September 27 the budget submitted by the City Manager shall be deemed to have been finally adopted by the Council.

Previous Budgets and Summaries for Fiscal Year 2006-2007

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