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Department of Administration

The Department of Administration includes the City Manager / Asst. City Manager Office, the Municipal Court, the Human Resource Department, the Economic Development Office, and the Technology Department.

"Tell the City"

The "Tell-the-City" program is designed to respond to comments, questions or concerns of citizens within a timely manner. A resident will be able to call (254) 953-5600, with their comments or questions. The comments will be logged and forwarded to the appropriate department or individual of the city staff. The citizens will receive a response to their original call within 24 hours to acknowledge their comment and answer the question or be given an initial response. If the citizen cannot be contacted within 48 hours, a letter will be sent concerning their comments. If a follow-up response is needed, a date to respond will be provided to the citizen. A summary of the "Tell-the-City" program will be examined by the City Manager to be certain the program is working. Click here to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with your comments or concerns and if you would like us to respond with a phone call, be certain to list your phone number.